How to use the Revopatch

  • How Do I Clean It?

    Lightly with a cool moist cloth.

  • How Do I Store It?

    You may keep it in your purse or wallet. Place it back in the envelop in which you received it. Do not leave it in a Hot Car.

  • Is There a Guarantee?

    Yes, 30-day money-back minus shipping ($4).

  • Are There Side-effects?

    No. Side Effects have not been seen by any doctors or researchers.

  • How Long Will Product Last?

    For many years to come.

  • How Do I Use It?

    Hold card near headaches for less than 2- minutes, only. For any joint pains you may tape it onto your skin or clothing with the medical tape provided. (leave the card there as long as needed. DO NOT USE ON THE CHEST IF YOU HAVE A PACEMAKER! DO NOT USE IT IF PREGNANT!

  • How long before I get relief?

    Some people get relief in minutes, for others, it takes more than a few weeks. Based on Doctors’ studies The individual must become acclimated to this new energy exchange.

  • May I use more than one card?

    Yes. Pain generally occurs in more than one location around the body. In using more than one card, the more information you know about energy points of the body the better results will occur in relief.

  • May use it with a Heating Pad?

    No. Do not use with any powered holistic product. (laser, light-therapy nor vibrational devices.

  • Is This A Medical Device?

    No. There is no power required for the product to function. There is no transfer of chemicals to the Body. The product is a Holistic/Wellness item to relieve Pain.



30 Day Money Back Guarantee Safe & Effective Healing Energy


“Electronic Skin” creates a healing energy field to stimulate the body's natural healing process.

  • Pain Relief
  • Safe and Effective, All-Natural
  • Create Positive Healing Energy
  • Increases Circulation
  • Regain Lost Motion
  • Heal Faster
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